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Switchboard & Telephone Systems
At PSK Business Systems, we install the traditional analog systems which cater for the smaller 4 set business user, intermediate Hybrid analog/Digital systems, and we also supply the latest IP technology systems for clients who have a large number of users/extensions. All the systems we install come with a standard minimum 12 moth maintenance contract and the usual product warranty. All these systems are upgradable in the future to cater for growth prospects of each individual client.
CCTV & Access Control Systems
We use the latest analog and IP camera technology to ensure that the solutions we supply our client meet their needs and operate with the efficiency that is required by each client. We partner with reputable suppliers such as Secequip and Impro amongst others. This ensures that we are up to date with the latest events and solutions in the industry. We have our own in-house installation and maintenance team to ensure that we can react quickly to any problems that may arise on sites. We also offer long term maintenance contracts to clients who need the security of knowing that the equipment installed is maintained as required to ensure it works to the manufacturers specifications.
IT & Networking Solutions
We have our own in-house IT team that installs and maintains all types of systems. We offer fully customised network solutions and we use that latest technology hardware to ensure maximum performance on each network. We also undertake IT network maintance for all types of current systems being used by existing and new clients. Our response times are based on the severity of the users problem and range from 3 to 16 hours to clear faults.
VOIP & Wireless Solutions
We work with independant suppliers of wireless voice over internet connections, who can guarantee one to one contention ratios on tailor made solutions for individual customer requiremnets. All systems have more than two failover options and we use 24 hour monitoring of coontent to ensure that uptime is kept to the maximim possible standards. At psk we ensure quick response to any possible problems via this backup service to all clients of any size.




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